Mobile Minutes: Twitter seeks secondary audience; Chinese iPhone prices soar; GrubHub revenue jumps; Halloween apps rise

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MyFitnessPal leverages recipes to augment food-tracking app


MyFitnessPal is adding a recipe log function to its food-tracking and calorie-counting mobile application to streamline how it helps users build customized meals.

The app, which is free on iOS and Android, allows users
to set daily calorie consumption goals, record daily food intake and log
exercise activities. The information inputted into a users food diary will
automatically sync with the MyFitnessPal Web site, which also offers a
community board for dieting and support tips.

The only way to make healthy living a habit is by
tapping into the device thats with you 24/7: your phone, said Mike Lee,
co-founder and CEO of MyFitnessPal, San Francisco, CA. Mobile apps have the
power to connect different aspects of healthnutrition, fitness, and crucial
data such as blood pressure, heart rate and moreall on ones phone, the device
thats with us around the clock.

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Customer success is our true north and these tools are
part of our quest to provide tools that facilitate that success. Thats why
this is an important addition to MyFitnessPal.

discovered that it is easier to lose weight if recipes are logged onto food
tracking apps, which led to its incorporation of the Recipe Tool and Log It
button into the app. The app has already seen 28 million recipes added by
users, and recognizes that recipes are a feature with high consumer demand.

Studies show, over and over, that cooking at home can
have a big impact on health – we can even see this in the data from our
users, Mr. Lee said. Weve found that on days when users didn’t log recipes,
they were over six times more likely to go over their calorie, carb and fat
goals, and seven times more likely to exceed their sodium goals.

The Recipe Tool allow guests to pull from
and Each time that a MyFitnessPal user visits one of
those sites, a Log It button will appear next to social buttons such as Twitter
and Facebook.

The button adds the selected recipe into the guests
MyFitnessPal food diary and saves time with the manual tapping process. For
users who visit the mobile sites, the recipe can be imported into MyFitnessPal.

cooking options
Recipe Tool lets guests search options by type of entre and receive access to
ingredient lists directly from the MyFitnessPal platform. The company hopes
that users with any type of fitness, weight loss or health goal will find the
tool beneficial and easy to use for streamlined cooking options.

We think these tools will encourage our users to cook
healthier foods at home and inspire other health-conscious people to use
MyFitnessPal to achieve and maintain health goals, Mr. Lee said.

The Recipe Tool quickly helps you answer the question
Does this recipe meet my nutritional needs?
by showing you complete nutritional information with a few clicks.

We think our users will be pleased with the ease and
speed of the Recipe Tool; with this new feature entering a recipe takes half of
the time it did before, he said.

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York

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Humane Society finds text-to-give, social are a perfect match

Humane Society

A text-to-give campaign on the nonprofit’s Facebook page

WASHINGTON The Humane Society mobile communications
manager speaking at the Mobile Giving Forum talked about the important role
that social media is playing in the nonprofits mobile giving program.

The organization has been active in mobile for the past few
years and recently passed reached 57 percent of traffic to its Web site on
mobile. While text-to-give presents some challenges for nonprofits such as
that there is limited opportunity to build an on-going relationship with donors
the Humane Society has found that pairing it with social media can give
programs a nice boost.

[Hurricane] Sandy allowed us to use text-to-give to say we
need money now because of the disaster response, said Lara Koch, mobile
communications manager at The Humane Society of the United States. We were
willing to deal with the drawbacks like no donor information and not being able
to contact those people. 

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Then we realized that social was converting the most for
text-to-give, she said.

So many are coming
to our Web site from Facebook from their phone because of the Facebook app.
Thats why text-to-give and social are a perfect match.

Breaking news
The Humane Society sees 60 percent or more of the traffic to
its Facebook page coming from mobile.

Every fundraising campaign that The Humane Society does has
a mobile component. 

On SMS, the nonprofit typically uses forms to drive people
to take action. There are fewer gifts but they have a higher average value and
enable the organization to collect donor information. 

One reason social works so well for text-to-give is that
people are getting their breaking news on social media and via text alerts. At
the same time, text-to-give is cemented in peoples minds because of natural
disasters such as the Haiti earthquake.

We use text-to-give on social because it works, SMS and forms
tends to be the better fit, Ms. Koch said. People are on our list, we can talk
to them, we can send them to a form with a video embedded.

It is a high-touch ask, she said. 

Cross-channel consistency
Another strategy that works for The Humane Society is ensuring that the imagery
and message are similar across every channel. 

For example, the nonprofits end-of-year ask in 2013 went
out as an Instagram post and via an SMS to its list on the same day. The text
linked to a form and had mobile-optimized video embedded.

Simultaneously, the organization launched the broader
campaign on Facebook, in email and its Web site.

Ms. Koch likes to test different strategies in text
messaging and shared some interesting learnings from some of these.

On New Years Eve, the organization did a
last-chance-to-give campaign and sent out a text message once an hour to see
when the highest conversion rate would be. It was 10:30 pm.

Across multiple campaigns, the organization has also found
that questions work very well in text messages, typically converting higher
than a statement.

Going forward, the Humane Society is hoping to sustaining or
recurring gifts on social by the end of the year and then to extend this to its
SMS list next year.

The organization also uses a texting call-to-action on its
Facebook page to support various advocacy programs, such as its Meatless
Mondays recipe program, which has been running for several years. 

Channel coordination is our greatest strength, Ms. Koch

This past year, we really found a sweet spot in how we are
asking people to give to us, and making sure it goes across all of our
channels, she said.

Final Take
Chantal Tode is senior editor on Mobile Marketer, New York

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GPS, Apple Pay, iAds: Retailers’ future solution in mobile marketing?

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apple pay2

Apple Pay

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Caitlyn Bohannon is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily, New York. Reach her at

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Marriott engages job seekers with #PictureYourselfHere social campaign


Marriott International is hoping to entice and engage job seekers with its #PictureYourselfHere social campaign, designed to
offer insights into current associates’ experiences working at Marriott
locations around the world.

The new campaign functions with a streamlined job
search process for potential employees, including enhanced job search capability
and behind-the-scenes photos uploaded by Marriott associates. The hotel
conglomerate seeks to provide job seekers with a more creative and impactful
searching experience, as well as provide an authentic sneak peek at the daily
life of an employee at Marriott International.

Marriott’s global HR team sat down to discuss how we
could engage job seekers throughout the job search process and help them better
picture themselves in the dynamic work environment of Marriott’s hotels, said
Kristy Godbold,
global HR officer, talent acquisition solutions
and corporate human resources, Marriott International, Washington, D.C.

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It revitalizes the job seeking experience on our site,
and makes job seekers have a more dynamic experience that is authentic, and
helps them to envision themselves as a member of our team.

seeks to reach the best talent available in the travel and hospitality
industry, and believes that the campaign will help it reach all target
audiences. The campaign was developed after the brand examined research from 15
countries on user behavior in job searching and navigating career Web and
mobile sites.

Marriott discovered that job descriptions were a
paramount factor for potential applicants deciding whether to apply. The brand
saw 79 percent of visitors accessing its careers desktop site click into the
application process and immediately view available job descriptions.

In order to design the more dynamic job search
experience, Marriott developed an internal drive and asked for employees help
in providing personal tidbits and points of view. This resulted in over 17,000
photos being submitted in an initiative called Share Your Space.

Photos included images of associates workplaces,
fellow colleagues, offices, hotels and beautiful views. The campaign aims to
reach job seekers on a personal level, rather than treat them as just a number
in a consistently growing pool of applicants.

The response from our associates has been
overwhelmingly positive, Ms. Godbold said. We asked employees to submit
images of them at work: their work spaces, the buildings and views, and
co-workers in the midst of doing their work – to share their space, in an
effort to not only capture the Marriott spirit, but also to allow our
associates to help us in doing so.

giving back
associates and hotels participating in the campaign are also being rewarded.
The hospitality brand hopes that current employees can serve as inspiration to
individuals considering jobs in the Marriott International workplace.

Select hotels that delineate the aspects of working at
Marriott may be rewarded with a common space upgrade.

The images sent in by various hotels and associates are
also now used on the updated mobile and desktop pages for The Ritz-Carlton and
Marriott careers sites.

They will also be promoted on Marriott Careers social
media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WeChat.

Mobile has become increasingly important in
recruiting, and Marriott recognizes that it is key to be able to reach job
seekers via mobile devices across the world, Ms. Godbold said. In light of
this, we launched our ‘apply on the go’ mobile platform in January, and were
the first hospitality company in the industry to provide a fully mobile-enabled

The new #PictureYourselfHere enhancement is also
mobile friendly, and enhances the job seeker experience on a mobile device or

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York

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